Wednesday, January 30, 2008

They've got...texture.

I've got other classes besides Don Brandes' Advanced Illustration Media, despite how my posts look. Most of today, for example, was spent in my Concept/Character/Environment class, which is a computer animation class taught to illustrators. Our current project uses different exercises to free up the imagination, including looking at photographs of textures (tree bark, rocks, stucco, etc.) to find faces and figures buried within. The dragon on the surfboard was inspired by some discoloration in the parking lot.


kristi said...

Oh wow, sounds like an intresting assignment.
Love the designs you did, I love seeing sketches and character designs...

Very cool.

Charbeegood said...

I enjoy checking out your stuff. Takes me back a few too many years. Yours are so much better than mine. Love monkeys so this was is kind of my favorite.