Saturday, September 6, 2008


After a little bit of soul searching, I have to admit that I have not been the artist that I truly want to be. I haven't pushed myself in the manner of most of my old classmates. So many of them drew all the time, which closed the gap between us and allowed several of them to leapfrog past me in technique. Since I only have myself to blame, only I can turn it around. I'm going to make sure I put pencil to paper each day and try to bring at least one caricature to the tight pencil stage. As I improve my digital painting, you may see these images revisited and refined. Some of my subjects will be celebrities; others, family and friends. If all both of my readers have suggestions, let me hear them.

I chose to draw the Jonas Brothers for only two reasons: One, the boys were featured on the cover of Nickelodeon Magazine, which I saw at work. Two, they are pop culture favorites right now. I couldn't tell you a single song they perform, but I did watch "Camp Rock" when it debuted and it wasn't horrible. With the Target ads for back to school sales, these guys are everywhere. Have bandwagon, must jump.

Finally, I wanted to include two, more personal caricatures for your viewing pleasure (and their inevitable chagrin). The long-haired chap with the goatee is my twin brother, Ian. Beneath him is our old friend, Jason. I don't get to see either of these guys as much as I would like. Ian lives several states away and Jason, although in the same freaking town as me, works all the time and never answers his cell phone. Hmpf. Now you know.