Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Some of Disney's more obscure villains

Disney has had a lot of crazy characters in their movies over the last gazillion years.  I took it upon myself to draw the bad guys a while ago.  Here are some more of those sketches, a sampling of some of the lesser well known perpetrators of cruel deeds.

This villain is probably the least malicious looking of anything that has ever come out of Pixar.  I mean, it's a ship's steering column. But the Auto Pilot in Wall-E had its own directive and was willing to do anything to achieve its goals.

Although looking like the classic, mustache twirling villain from years gone by, "Meet the Robinsons" Bowler Hat Guy was comically incompetent.  No, the true threat was the hat itself.

Sometimes a villain is cruel for the pleasure he gets from it.  MacLeach was a poacher in the Outback in "The Rescuers Down Under."  His prey was the magnificent golden eagle, and he was willing to murder a young boy to keep him quiet about MacLeach's activities.

Speaking of "The Rescuers," the original film featured the horrible Madam Medusa.  Her greed led her down the path to kidnapping, child slavery, child endangerment, and keeping illegal exotic animals as pets.