Thursday, August 23, 2018

Cosplay Critters Tee Shirt Designs - Available Soon!

I've been working on a series of illustrations that I call "Cosplay Critters."  Ferret Joe, my fuzzy character, loves pop culture and all things comics.  Towards that end, I've been drawing him as various superheroes and television characters.  Some time ago, I came up with the "Doctors of Galliferret" series (I have another Doctor to add), and I've become a big fan of Marvel's Cinematic Universe.  Here are a couple of simple designs, done in Illustrator, that will be white ink on a black shirt.  I hope you see something you like.  Order information coming soon.
 Above, you'll see Aunt May's favorite nephew in his extracurricular uniform. Your spider-sense will tingle when you see how nice this design looks on you!
 Next comes the new King of Wakanda.  Maybe the people of a highly advanced, yet secretive, society will mistake you for T'Challah when you wear this tee!
Finally, there are times when bright red, white, and blue just aren't the colors you're going for.  To keep a lower profile, wear the Captain's stealth suit inspired tee!