Sunday, January 25, 2009

The book is at!

I'm thrilled to announce that "Stories and Shows from Pinocchio's" has finally been listed at I'll put up a link somewhere on this blog, but if you type my name into amazon's search window, it will turn up. I think that's kinda cool. If you'd like to order a copy from me, it may take longer for you to get it, but I could always draw a little something inside to make up for the time. Many thanks to David Eaton and Luman Coad for wanting to do this and for letting me be part of it.


sewitsforyou said...

thta's so cool. I hope it sells out!

Jessica L Clark said...

Hi Eric!
This is so exciting, I will have to check out your book online.Congrats on having your work published! I'm still waiting for my day to come.
Take care,

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! I'm so happy for you!
Miss you bunches...