Tuesday, May 19, 2009

So...um, where were we?

Back on May 2nd, I went to my favorite comic book store here in Orlando, Comic Connection, for the industry event "Free Comic Book Day."  To those not immersed in geek culture the idea of giving away the very things you're trying to make money on seems insane, but the marketing strategy often plays out.  A free book will get even the most narrow minded fan to give it a look, and if the quality meets the fan's standard, the publisher has a new steady reader.  Also, offering kid-oriented books for free encourages parents to let their children read comics.  The important part is that the kids read, but if they get caught up in the art and the fun of comic books, it's a win for everybody.

Anyway, my part in this marketing event was to facepaint.  Yes, all that expensive Ringling schooling going to good use.  The thing is that I actually enjoy painting faces.  It's easy, I'm very fast, I'm good at it, and little kids get such a kick out of seeing the end result.  I'm posting a couple of photos taken by Chris Melvin.  In them, Brian, a huge Green Lantern fan, is getting a mask painted.  I surprised him by painting the ring afterwards.  Okay, so big kids get a kick, too.

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