Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wocka, wocka.


Hey, I'm back.  The urge to draw and paint finally overcame my exhaustion with work and I'm adding a couple of new Muppet portraits to my collection.  As always, I like to share the steps along the way, so here is my original drawing on the canvas, a 16"x20" piece I picked up at Michaels' a few years ago.  Next is my first step, just filling in the bricks on the wall.  I want it to look like Fozzie is at an open mike night at the Improv, with less than amused audience members.  A cream pie and a tomato are thrown on the wall behind him.  The last picture here is what I managed to do during the 45 minutes I had between my morning shower and my drive to work.  I'm getting a little better idea of how to recreate the texture of the fur.  More to come.

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