Wednesday, November 28, 2012

a little color here and there...

Welcome back.  In today's couple of photos, you can see the usual burnt sienna acrylic wash over the characters.  The black colored pencil did what I needed it to do and allowed me to see where I wanted to paint and where I didn't.  There isn't a photo of it, but I put a Prussian Blue acrylic over the entire background thinking the cool tone would keep it in the visual distance where the warm sienna would pop the characters forward.  It made sense in theory, but then I started painting over it anyway.

The background became somewhat warm in tone, but also very muddy.  Actually, this was desirable, because I could paint Beaker in bright oranges and yellows and he'd stand in contrast to the muddy blues, greens, and browns behind him.  Kermit would pop out as well, despite being a cool color.  I saved Miss Piggy for last because I was worried that I'd screw up her flesh tones.  More on that later.

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