Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The return of the Doctor

As a kid, I never really embraced Doctor Who.  The alien costumes and low budget special effects sort of turned me off and the local PBS station aired the episodes out of order.  I remember a little about the Cybermen being frozen (on Mars?), but that's about it.  When the show was revived back in 2005, a friend of mine really pushed to get me to watch.  After seeing the first episode, he didn't have to push anymore.  The special effects had improved, but the costumes were the particular stand-outs.  The second episode was set in the far distant future, aboard a satellite positioned to observe the last moments of the planet Earth's existence.  Among the guests were a group of sentient trees that were absolutely gorgeous examples of prosthetic make up and costumes.
 Anyway, Christopher Eccleston played the Doctor for one extraordinary season.  His strong presence paired with unpredictable humor and an infectious smile easily made the ninth Doctor one of my favorites.  And here he is as a ferret.

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