Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Stuff to see, including last month's Inktober challenge

As you can tell, I haven't been the best at keeping this blog current.  Every time I realize it, I feel guilty and promise to post regularly again, then I don't.  Guess we're back at the beginning of the cycle once again.

Anyway, I was very busy during October, somehow managing to stay on top of the whole Inktober challenge this year. I chose to use the posted prompts from Jake Parker, the creator of Inktober, which allowed me to dig deep into my mixed up bag of tricks to find something appropriate for each day's sketch.

Having gotten the prompts a week or so ahead of the start of the month, I had time to get at least a few ideas in my head, particularly Day 2's prompt: Divided.
My belief is that this country is more divided than it's been in my lifetime, and I lay the blame at our divider in chief, Donald J. Trump.  In this illustration, I may have exaggerated his over-sized tie just a bit.  Donald stands before a collage of angry faces, including Lebron James and former Sheriff Joe Arpaio.  The silhouette of the continental United States is filled with angry emojis.  I drew the largest parts on paper with a pen, then used Adobe Illustrator for all the little circles of the emojis.  Photoshop brought it all together with the little faces and compositing the piece.

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