Friday, June 6, 2008

Even More Children's Designs

It's official; not having high speed internet access is no fun. It takes so long to upload images, I haven't been overly inspired to do so for a while. However, knowing that this is an important tool to show my work to the online audience, I have to persevere. Towards that end, here's another page from my Carter's portfolio.

I had a very good interview with the VP of Art Direction at Carter's, but the two criticisms she had about my work is that, 1) I target an older audience than the newborns, and 2) there wasn't enough work to overwhelm her. That's an interesting concern for other artists to think about. Although it could change for each art director with whom you speak, Ms. Bartling wants a LOT of work shown to her, not just your ten favorite pieces. Put multiple images on each page and fill them like the samples she provides to interested applicants. The day after my interview, I designed twelve icons, one for a major holiday in each month. The next morning, I added four of the creatures shown here. Later, another frog and the elephants showed up. I want to impress upon Carter's that I'm interested in the position and able to apply the advice given. I'm supposed to find out later today if I was successful or not.

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sewitsforyou said...

these are great. I love them. Carter's would be crazy not to hire you.